Friday, October 29, 2010


Mother Goose adapts her stories and activities to her audience. Enjoy seeing two different presentations of Where The Wild Things Are. One was for the children of Harlan Ranch, the other was a private Halloween Party.

Mother Goose will always work with you to make your event perfect!

Where The Wild Things Are PARTY

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Where The Wild Things Are - Harlan Ranch

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Come in and enjoy - Miss Spider's Tea Party

Mother Goose uses her big golden key to unlock the imagination of the children before she begins this story.

Miss Spider wants to have a tea party but no one will come because they are afraid Miss Spider will eat them. She is 1 lonely spider.

Finally, 2 Timid Beetles, Ike & May, decide to take a chance and come to the tea party.

Then others decide to join in -

3 Fire Flies - 4 Bumble Bees - 5 Rubber Bugs - 6 Worker Ants - 7 Dainty Butterflies - 8 Tea Cakes - 9 Spotted Moths - 10 Steaming Cups of Tea - 11 Insects - 12 Tender Violets in a Centerpiece.

Everyone was glad to see -- Miss Spider ate just flowers and drank just tea!!

Miss Spider's Tea Party

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mother Goose adds her own special “twist” to the stories she tells. In some cases she places the characters in the town where her audience lives. She adds special circumstances, details and names for each character. Some of the details in this story are especially for the adults in the audience and always bring a laugh.

In Mother Goose’s version of THE THREE LITTLE PIGS she is checking on her Storyland family because she has been away on vacation. She heard through emails that a wolf family has moved in down the street from Pigs Town.

So, Mother Goose gets on her Vintage Fisher Price toy telephone and calls Old Mother Hubbard – Hellooo Mother Hubbard, Mother Goose calling. I’m back from vacation. Yes, yes I heard a wolf family moved into Storyland. OK if you are worried about her, I will call Little Bo Peep. Bye for now. Oh, Mother Hubbard, is your cupboard still bare?

She then calls Little Bo Peep inquiring about her lost sheep and the White Rabbit where she leaves a special message for Alice.

The characters in the story are:

The Wolf family – Jack and Virginia Wolf. Jack is a DJ on the radio called Wolfman Jack and he rides a loud bicycle called a “Hog” through Storyland.

The Wolf children are:
Patricia aka Patty who wants to be a California Highway Piggy so she can help make the streets of Storyland safe for all the children.

Mortimer aka Morty wants to be an architect so he can build wolf resistant houses so everyone will be safe from the huff and puff of the big bad wolf.

Lincoln aka Link is an artist and he wants to be an imagineer for Disney.

Mother Goose doesn’t like scary things so her stories always end on a positive note.

Please play and enjoy the “Smilebox” musical scrapbook of the Three Little Pigs.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stimulating the imaginations of her young audience, Mother Goose does more than enchant them with a performance, she'll help them see the world that opens for them when they read. Deb C

The children of Harlan Ranch enjoyed the story of "Frog Prince" along with music and activities. Please play the musical scrapbook and enjoy!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to Gooselandia!

Hello! My name is Mother Goose, aka Lynda Tatman. I want to share with you some of the ways I try to inspire children to appreciate books and reading plus encourage them to participate in other activities of the arts.

I am now Mother Goose at the Book Barn in Clovis, CA.  Previously, for ten (10) years I was Mother Goose at Storyland which is part of Playland/Storyland at Roeding Park in Fresno, CA. School field trips were scheduled to visit the various storybook settings and characters in Storyland, then Mother Goose would a story with props in Pinocchio's Theatre.  However, this program was discontinued when the park came under new management.  So, Mother Goose is now delighted to bring stories to the children at the Book Barn.

"Gooselandia" is the name I have given the imaginary "black & white polka dot umbrella" which covers the many activities Mother Goose shares with the children of Fresno County, CA.

Activities include -

Storytelling - as a Master Storyteller, Mother Goose presents classic stories, with a little modern twist added. She visits libraries, preschools and elementary classrooms. The children interact during the storytelling and, when applicable, are given the opportunity to portray story characters in costumes which are provided.

Music and Dance - Some of the stories include movement with musical instruments, colorful ribbon streamers, dance sticks and other story appropriate items.

Drawing and Painting - upon request, children are given the opportunity to express their artistic abilities with various craft projects.

Ceramic Painting - upon request, handmade ceramic items or Christmas ornaments are provided. This is a perfect classroom activity for Valentines Day, Mother's Day or Christmas. Mother Goose fires the items in her kiln and returns them to the children.

I will keep you posted on my activities for the Fall Season. If you are a teacher or parent who would like for Mother Goose to visit your classroom, my holiday story for 2014 is "The Gingerbread Baby". The Gingerbread House and props are adorable for the children to enjoy. Please contact me as soon as possible to book a date in November or December 2014.

For preschool age children, I also offer the story of "Santa Mouse."  You can view this story by clicking on the Santa Mouse Smilebox in this blog.

Here are a few comments from parents who have recently enjoyed stories by Mother Goose.
  • Simply Magnificent! A wonderful storyteller, Lynda Tatman, as Mother Goose, weaves the stories for the young and the young at heart. Travis Hauert, Social Director at Harlan Ranch, Clovis, CA
  • Creative and unique party idea that is sure to please small children and moms too! Maria Mayes
  • My son is almost three years old and loved the story! I loved that the children got to be part of the story. Sarah Correra
  • A very creative way to bring stories to life. The children enjoyed every minute of the story and music. Lyn Swanson
  • Mother Goose is delightful and lots of fun. Anne Kropf