Friday, October 22, 2010

Come in and enjoy - Miss Spider's Tea Party

Mother Goose uses her big golden key to unlock the imagination of the children before she begins this story.

Miss Spider wants to have a tea party but no one will come because they are afraid Miss Spider will eat them. She is 1 lonely spider.

Finally, 2 Timid Beetles, Ike & May, decide to take a chance and come to the tea party.

Then others decide to join in -

3 Fire Flies - 4 Bumble Bees - 5 Rubber Bugs - 6 Worker Ants - 7 Dainty Butterflies - 8 Tea Cakes - 9 Spotted Moths - 10 Steaming Cups of Tea - 11 Insects - 12 Tender Violets in a Centerpiece.

Everyone was glad to see -- Miss Spider ate just flowers and drank just tea!!

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