Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mother Goose adds her own special “twist” to the stories she tells. In some cases she places the characters in the town where her audience lives. She adds special circumstances, details and names for each character. Some of the details in this story are especially for the adults in the audience and always bring a laugh.

In Mother Goose’s version of THE THREE LITTLE PIGS she is checking on her Storyland family because she has been away on vacation. She heard through emails that a wolf family has moved in down the street from Pigs Town.

So, Mother Goose gets on her Vintage Fisher Price toy telephone and calls Old Mother Hubbard – Hellooo Mother Hubbard, Mother Goose calling. I’m back from vacation. Yes, yes I heard a wolf family moved into Storyland. OK if you are worried about her, I will call Little Bo Peep. Bye for now. Oh, Mother Hubbard, is your cupboard still bare?

She then calls Little Bo Peep inquiring about her lost sheep and the White Rabbit where she leaves a special message for Alice.

The characters in the story are:

The Wolf family – Jack and Virginia Wolf. Jack is a DJ on the radio called Wolfman Jack and he rides a loud bicycle called a “Hog” through Storyland.

The Wolf children are:
Patricia aka Patty who wants to be a California Highway Piggy so she can help make the streets of Storyland safe for all the children.

Mortimer aka Morty wants to be an architect so he can build wolf resistant houses so everyone will be safe from the huff and puff of the big bad wolf.

Lincoln aka Link is an artist and he wants to be an imagineer for Disney.

Mother Goose doesn’t like scary things so her stories always end on a positive note.

Please play and enjoy the “Smilebox” musical scrapbook of the Three Little Pigs.

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